Rep. Chrissy Houlahan should beat her opponent, and voting for her is critical. Her opponent is embracing the worst the right wing has to offer. Does he pose a threat?

  • Nate Craig

In following Rep. Chrissy Houlahan’s opponent, John Emmons’ campaign to take PA’s 6th congressional district from her, I’ve noticed some troubling messages emerge from his campaign. However predictable the message may be at this point, he is trying desparately to scare Chester County voters into supporting him. …

  • Nate Craig

In the spirit of knowing our opponent, I follow the local right wing extremists. Here’s what they are up in arms about: the damn libs are trying to steal the election by making sure all ballots are counted by granting three extra days to count ballots. …

Nate Craig

It needs to be said, Black Lives Matter. Nate is a former conservative evangelical, who’s now a freelancing progressive writer.

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