What the Tea Party is up to now:

In the spirit of knowing our opponent, I follow the local right wing extremists. Here’s what they are up in arms about: the damn libs are trying to steal the election by making sure all ballots are counted by granting three extra days to count ballots. How dare those “activist judges” care who actually gets more votes in Pennsylvania?!

Because there has been an extension ordered by the PA Supreme Court, they are calling on the State House and State Senate to call an emergency session to prevent that three day extension if the slow downs at the USPS don’t prevent enough ballots from being counted in urban areas.

Here’s Sunday’s call to action:

Philadelphia Tea Party Patriots

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The information below is brought to you by Tea Party Patriots Action

This is an emergency action alert for ALL Pennsylvanians! Democrats got a lot closer to being able to steal the election and electoral college votes in Pennsylvania with the outrageous Pennsylvania Supreme Court rulings, as well as determinations made by the left-wing Democrat Secretary of State. See below for what you can do to fight this!

The outrageous updates are:

Ballots can be counted for at least 3 days after Election Day

Election officials are not allowed to reject a ballot if the signature on the mail-in ballot does not match the voter signature on file

The Green Party is not allowed on the ballot

If the first two points are allowed to stand, it is much more likely that Democrats will be able to cheat their way into winning PA. They can “find” more ballots after Election Day if Biden hasn’t won yet, and they can keep appealing for more time and more time and more time. And, with no need to match signatures, they are free and clear to cheat.

However, Mark Levin stated on his September 17th show, that there is something you can do.

Mark Levin strongly suggests that the Republican House and Senate of Pennsylvania call an emergency session to overrule the state Supreme Court and the Sec. of State. He says they can do this because they alone have the final authority on matters pertaining to how a state decides to count for the Electoral College.

Because your state legislature — both the House and Senate — are led by Republicans, it is critical that they call an emergency session immediately and overrule the left-wing activist judges and Sec. of State.


Call your Republican state legislators if you are represented by Republicans and tell them to call an emergency session to overrule the state Supreme Court and the Sec. of State and to secure the integrity of your elections. Use the link below to find the names, contact information, and party of your legislators, and be firm, but polite.

Find your legislators in the PA General Assembly

Call both the district and Capitol numbers, email, and contact over social media (if you are on social media) the Republican leaders in the House and in the Senate with the same message. Everyone must do this part because it doesn’t matter who your legislators are for this part. Be firm, but polite.

Speaker of the House: Bryan Cutler (Republican)
Phone Numbers: (District) (717) 284–1965, (Capitol) (717) 783–6424

Majority Leader: Kerry A. Benninghoff (Republican)
Phone Numbers: (District) 814) 355–1300, (District) (717) 667–1175, (Capitol) (717) 783–1918

Majority Floor Leader: Jake Corman (Republican)
Phone Numbers: (District) (814) 355–0477, (Capitol) (717) 787–1377

President Pro Tempore: Joseph B. Scarnati III (Republican)
Phone Numbers: (District) (814) 265–2030, (District) (570) 724–5231, (Capitol) (717) 787–7084

Please forward this email to everyone you know who wants a fair election in Pennsylvania!!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

Thank you,
Diana and Don Reimer

What should we do, call our legislators too. They should be on top of this, but they need to know that we are watching, and our votes will be driven by what we see.

If you don’t know your legislator, use this link: https://ballotpedia.org/Main_Page




It needs to be said, Black Lives Matter. Nate is a former conservative evangelical, who’s now a freelancing progressive writer. Ko-fi.com/writernate

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Nate Craig

Nate Craig

It needs to be said, Black Lives Matter. Nate is a former conservative evangelical, who’s now a freelancing progressive writer. Ko-fi.com/writernate

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